SEO Website Audits

Technical and Qualitative SEO audits critically analyse a website's infrastructure to identify and resolve issues hindering search engine performance and UX.

An X-Ray to Your Site

Why a SEO Site Audit?

A thorough SEO Audit we can offer deep insights into your website's health, guiding optimizations that enhance overall performance and rankings.

  • Identifying Crawl Issues: Pinpointing obstacles that can prevent search engines from effectively crawling and indexing your site.
  • Site Speed Issues: Highlighting areas slowing down your site, offering solutions to enhance user experience.
  • Enhancing Mobile Usability: Ensuring your site is relevant and usable for mobile users.
  • Optimizing User Experience: Offering insights into navigation and structure improvements.

A Technical SEO Audit done by an experienced professional provides a roadmap for precise, impactful optimizations, setting the foundation for improved visibility and long-term digital success.

In which ways can we work together?

Monthly Retainer

A monthly retainer works best for scenarios where you might want a consultant around for some unpredictable time on a short timeframe. You don't know when the need for consulting advice will end, but you also don't want to enter a long-term commitment. Usually a fixed monthly fee, paid upfront.

One-off/Time-limited Project

We will evaluate together the timeframe, collaboration across teams and level of commitment you want for a specific project. The final price will depend on time, effort and average hourly commitment for the specified project duration.

Ongoing Consulting Support

If what you're looking for is a highly experienced and specialised long lasting support relationship, we've got you covered. We can draft a bespoke collaboration commitment to fit your needs, across teams and departments, making sure everyone understands their role contributing to SEO.
We'll Make Sense of ALL SEarch Requirements

Get a Technical SEO X-Ray on Your Website

An insightful Technical SEO Audit uncovers critical enhancements, driving substantial improvements in site performance and search engine visibility.


Technical HTML Issues

An audit meticulously scans a website for problems that could negatively impact its search performance.

This includes missing or duplicate title tags, missing meta descriptions, improper use of header tags, and excessive script or style code embedded within the HTML.

By identifying and correcting these issues, a website can improve its readability for search engines, ensuring that all content is indexed correctly and ranks as well as it should.

Crawl-Efficient Websites

Indexing Issues through XML Sitemaps

XML sitemaps are crucial for search engines to discover and index a website's content.

A Technical SEO Audit examines the sitemap for issues such as outdated URLs, missing pages, or improper formatting, which can prevent search engines from accurately understanding and indexing the site's content.

Ensuring a clean, up-to-date sitemap helps search engines crawl the site more effectively, leading to better visibility and rankings.

Streamline Quality

Content Quality Issues

While primarily technical, an SEO audit can also shed light on content quality issues that affect search performance.

This includes thin or duplicated content, or content that's hidden to users but visible to search engines. By highlighting these issues, an audit provides an opportunity to enhance content quality, ensuring it's not only valuable and engaging to users but also optimised for search engines.

Improved content quality directly impacts a website's relevance and authority, leading to better rankings and traffic.

Reduce INconsistencies

Internal Linking Issues

An audit examines the internal linking structure to ensure it's optimised for both users and search engines.

It can identify broken links, redirects, or orphaned pages (pages not linked to from the rest of the site). Proper internal linking is essential for spreading link equity throughout the site, helping search engines discover new pages, and enhancing user navigation.

An optimised internal linking structure can significantly improve site authority and ranking.

Avoid Unintended Changes

Usability and Information Architecture Issues

A Technical SEO Audit evaluates the website's usability and information architecture, ensuring that content is logically organised and easily accessible.

It looks at site hierarchy, navigation, and user pathways to ensure they're intuitive and aligned with user expectations.

Good information architecture helps users and search engines find information efficiently, improving the overall user experience and engagement, which are critical factors for SEO success.

Augment Your Content

Structured and Semi-Structured Data

An audit checks for the correct implementation of structured data (like and semi-structured data (like Open Graph tags and Twitter Cards).

These help search engines understand the content and context of a site more deeply, potentially leading to enhanced search results through rich snippets, knowledge graph entries, or social media previews.

Proper use of structured and semi-structured data can increase click-through rates from search results and social shares, driving more traffic and engagement.

What YOu Get

A success-oriented and highly skilled consultant

Some of the skills we're very comfortable with
Product-led Growth
Technical SEO
SEO Strategy
Information Architecture
Web Accessibility
User Experience
Information Retrieval
JS SEO and Frameworks
Crawling, Indexing and Ranking
HTML Rendering
Crawl-log Analysis
Core Web Vitals
Website Speed & Loading Performance
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