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We do more than SEO, we solve problems

Seriously good Technical SEO and sound business advice that makes sense for your business and product roadmap. We focus on optimising not only your website, but also user experiences.

Trusted by the best BRANDS
Product-Led SEO Approach

SEO and Organic Growth Strategy integrated in your Product roadmap

We integrate SEO in your Product, Development and UX Teams.
With more than 16 years of experience in search, we have a deep understanding on both consulting and in-house operational needs.
Technical SEO and Website Architecture
Consistency and Robustnesss

Technical SEO and Website Architecture

Having a robust platform and modern infrastructure can greatly influence how a search engine accesses a website. Problems with crawling efficiency, information hierarchy and server response times are some of the hurdles that can compromise your site's performance in search results.

SEO Product Management and User Experience Optimisation
Google Quality Criteria

SEO Product Management and User Experience Optimisation

When the SEO approach and priorities focus on user satisfaction, growth comes in a natural and exponential way. The value generated for and by the user is the best ally to turn your website into the preferred product, making a brand reach a differentiated level of expertise, authority and trustworthiness.

Organic Growth Strategy
Organic Growth Vectors

Take full advantage of free and scalable growth channels

Avoid becoming fully dependant on paid channels. Find the organic growth potential that your competitors didn't take advantage of.

We have decades of experience designing growth strategies for companies of all sizes and business verticals. We know exactly where to focus.

SEO Consulting

Technical SEO Consulting for all kinds of businesses. From local startups to enterprise brands in global markets.

SEO Product Management

Extensive in-house SEO Product Management experience, and  integration with Product teams.

Organic Growth Strategy

Because Technical SEO alone doesn't solve every organic growth problem. We have an holistic approach to organic growth.

Technical SEO Audits

Sometimes you just need a highly specialised and unbiased analysis to shed some light on your organic search strategy.

SEO Disaster Recovery

Bad advice and wrong decisions can seriously set back growth. Acting fast is essential for successful recovery.

In-house Team Advice & Training

If you need to train and put together an internal SEO team or figure the optimal SEO team structure for your business.
Our Commitment

Making search engines work for your business

Growth It's not always as obvious as it looks. Especially when it comes to understand search engines and the broader search ecosystem.

With 17 years of search and SEO experience, I'll bring unparalleled knowledge and solid advice, and integrate it right into your business strategy. And we'll make sure it makes sense, sounds logical, looks feasible and achievable.

How can I help your Google search visibility and rankings?

Pedro is the worldwide SEO reference for most Google search-related issues and needs. From indexing, crawling and ranking issues, to troubleshooting algorithmic hurdles and overcoming penalties. Pedro is the reference on technical and qualitative aspects of SEO and is often brought in to work along in-house SEO professionals that have very specific problems to solve.

Pedro Dias SEO
Pedro Dias
SEO Consultant & Growth Advisor

Plan ahead of your competitors

A successful SEO strategy relies heavily on a carefully planned website architecture,  avoiding constant change and a solid technical stack that performs and helps both users and robots.

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