SEO Disaster Recovery

SEO Disaster Recovery and Google Penalty Recovery Services are composed by a set of swift, strategic actions to mitigate the impact of unforeseen issues and/or bad advice.

Recovering SEO Performance

Recover From SEO Disaster

When search rankings plummet unexpectedly, you can rely on us to be your guide through the storm, offering a strategic Disaster Recovery plan to mitigate damage and restore performance.

  • Rapid Identification of Issues: Quickly pinpoints the root causes of ranking drops, whether due to algorithm changes, manual penalties, or technical glitches, enabling swift action.
  • Strategic Remediation: Provides expert guidance on fixing identified issues, prioritising tasks to recover rankings and traffic as efficiently as possible.
  • Insights for Prevention: Offers valuable insights into how the crisis occurred and recommendations for safeguarding against future incidents, strengthening your overall SEO strategy.

With Visively leading your Disaster Recovery efforts, you can navigate the complexities of search crises with confidence, ensuring a quicker return to optimal performance and a more resilient future strategy.

In which ways can we work together?

Monthly Retainer

A monthly retainer works best for scenarios where you might want a consultant around for some unpredictable time on a short timeframe. You don't know when the need for consulting advice will end, but you also don't want to enter a long-term commitment. Usually a fixed monthly fee, paid upfront.

One-off/Time-limited Project

We will evaluate together the timeframe, collaboration across teams and level of commitment you want for a specific project. The final price will depend on time, effort and average hourly commitment for the specified project duration.

Ongoing Consulting Support

If what you're looking for is a highly experienced and specialised long lasting support relationship, we've got you covered. We can draft a bespoke collaboration commitment to fit your needs, across teams and departments, making sure everyone understands their role contributing to SEO.
We'll Make Sense of ALL SEarch Requirements

Mitigate, Prevent and Recover From SEO Disasters

SEO Disaster Recovery by an expert consultant ensures swift, effective response, minimizing damage and securing your site's long-term search visibility.


Rapid Issue Identification

An experienced SEO consultant brings a deep understanding of search engines to quickly pinpoint the root cause of a sudden drop in rankings or traffic. Whether it's a penalty from a recent algorithm update, a technical glitch, or a security breach, they have the tools and expertise to diagnose the issue promptly.

This rapid identification is crucial as it allows for immediate action to be taken, reducing the time your site suffers from reduced visibility.

At Visively, we can distinguish between common fluctuations and serious issues, ensuring that resources are focused where they are needed most.

Problems Get Simpler

Strategic Crisis Management

In the wake of an SEO disaster, a well-versed consultant can develop and implement a recovery strategy that is tailored to the specific challenges your site faces.

This includes prioritising the most critical issues, outlining a step-by-step recovery plan, and providing clear guidance on how to implement changes.

Visively's experience with similar crises means we can anticipate pitfalls and provide solutions that are not just reactive but proactive, helping to stabilise your site's performance more quickly and efficiently.

Brand Presence and Consistency

Preservation of Brand Reputation

A sudden loss in search rankings can quickly lead to a loss of customer trust and brand credibility. At Visively, we understand the value of your reputation and we'll work to minimise negative impacts.

We can help you identify the right channels to effectively communicate with your audience, explaining the situation and what is being done to resolve it.

By managing the narrative and demonstrating a proactive approach to solving the problem, we can help preserve the trust and loyalty of your customers.

Keep Competitors at Bay

Maintain Competitive Advantage

In the fast-paced world of online business, any downtime or decrease in visibility can be an opportunity for competitors to gain ground.

At Visively, we can ensure that your recovery is as swift as possible, helping to maintain your competitive edge.

We can also provide insights into the strategies competitors might be using in response to your situation, allowing you to make informed decisions that keep you ahead in the game.

Futureproof Your SEO

Future Risk Prevention

Once the immediate crisis is over, our experienced guidance won't just move on. We'll help you analyse what happened and why, providing a detailed report with actionable insights.

At Visively, we can help you understand the vulnerabilities in your SEO strategy and website infrastructure, offering recommendations to prevent similar issues from occurring in the future.

This might include ongoing monitoring services, updates to your SEO strategy, or changes to your site's architecture.

The How, Why and What of SEO

Training and Empowerment

A good consultant doesn't just fix the problem; they also educate and empower your team. They can provide training on best practices, how to spot warning signs, and how to react in the initial stages of a future crisis.

This knowledge transfer ensures that your team is better equipped to maintain the health of your website, understand the implications of their actions, and respond effectively to any future issues.

This not only enhances your team's skills but also contributes to the overall resilience of your online presence.

What YOu Get

A success-oriented and highly skilled consultant

Some of the skills we're very comfortable with
Product-led Growth
Technical SEO
SEO Strategy
Information Architecture
Web Accessibility
User Experience
Information Retrieval
JS SEO and Frameworks
Crawling, Indexing and Ranking
HTML Rendering
Crawl-log Analysis
Core Web Vitals
Website Speed & Loading Performance
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